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Wêrê-Wêrê on the Road : Bali, Indonesia 💙

In the rush to return to normal, use this time to consider which parts of normal are worth rushing back to.” @Style_rituals

In the past few years, I felt an itch to move, to discover new places, meet new people and find a new me. I gave in and travelled quite extensively. From Japan to Indonesia to Australia and many amazing places in Europe, I sighed with gratefulness as I experienced different worlds. Continue reading “Wêrê-Wêrê on the Road : Bali, Indonesia 💙”

Little Girl Dancing – A short story

My car dashboard displayed negative fifteen degrees Fahrenheit as I entered my client’s parking lot. I sat in silence for a few minutes after I parked. Every inch of me dreaded leaving the warm comfort of my Honda Civic to step into another cold threatening Monday.  Every winter, I made plans to leave […]

via Little Girl Dancing — Arethe Saki


Reshaping Love

I came across the post below by one of my favorite poets Yrsa Daley-Ward, author of Bone and The Terrible, and thought: WOW, I wish someone would have told me! Often we get so caught up in our feelings, in one perspective and let ourselves believe that our world has ended. May we see the teacher and the lesson in each life event.


Wêrê-Wêrê on the Road: Oahu, Hawaii


To be honest, I neglected Hawaii as a possible travel destination for a long time. Until I got into Hawaii Five 0, I slowly started falling in love with the beautiful beaches on the island. I also craved the popular garlic shrimp and the malasadas.

I was planning a trip to Zanzibar in October and chickened out last minute at the realization of the length of the trip – I only had one week off from work and needed some place relaxing and relatively close to LA. Hawaii came to mind and as October is off-season, the $350 flight ticket was more than convincing. It only took a five minutes internet search to know that Oahu was the island I wanted to visit first (duh! that is were they shoot Hawaii five 0 – mostly – I think…).

Two weeks later, I embarked on a flight from LAX to Honolulu, on a solo adventure to one of the most romantic destinations in the world. Here is how I spent one of the most incredible vacations of my life and what I recommend to all those heading to Oahu. Continue reading “Wêrê-Wêrê on the Road: Oahu, Hawaii”

Looking for advices on Self-Publishing

Project Green Elephant – as I affectionally named the manuscript for my first book ever – is finally complete. Until now I hadn’t realized the multitude of avenues to take a book from manuscript to publication. I decided to go the self-publishing route and I am currently working to find the best match editors (line and copyediting).

I need the help of anyone who has gone down that route before. Any recommendations on good line and copy editors? Also any advices on-self publishing in general would be greatly appreciated. See below a summary of the literary fiction I completed.

Soukeina and Aïssatou Sangaré were raised in a conservative family in Abidjam, Côte D’Ivoire. Continue reading “Looking for advices on Self-Publishing”


Cleaning my email account, I accidentally and happily found my long lost high school poem book. I am exited to share the following poem, one of my most favorites, I believe written for my high school crush. :P.
I apologize to the non-french speaking readers. I started to translate the poem in english and half way through realized that it was just so much better in french and maybe meant to stay french for now.


Elle l’entend loin d’elle
Cette voix qui fait vibrer ses aspirations
Mélodie envoûtante qui fait tressaillir son être d’excitation
Echo divin qui parfume ses sens Continue reading “Seduction”

The Black Ceiling: The Struggle for Black Women in Corporate America

black woman
Photo credit to Brian Stauffer, illustrated in Fortune

“Black women are at a disadvantage in trying to bridge the familiarity gap with white men in positions of power, because in the words of talent management research firm Catalyst, they are “double outsiders”: They’re neither white, nor men. As a result they’re often shut out from the informal networks that help other people find jobs, mentors, and sponsors.” Ellen McGirt, Fortune, October 1, 2017. Continue reading “The Black Ceiling: The Struggle for Black Women in Corporate America”

To the Merchants of Fallacies: Africa is Bigger than One Story.


Last week I googled “Ivory Coast Beaches” to show a friend what the ocean looked like on our side of the coast. The top search results: horrifying images of casualties after the terrorist attack of March 2016.  This reminded me once more of the unfair marketing of African countries carried out to the world and fostering fallacious perceptions. I say unfair because although those images are not necessarily all wrong, Continue reading “To the Merchants of Fallacies: Africa is Bigger than One Story.”

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