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Wêrê-Wêrê on the Road: Oahu, Hawaii


To be honest, I neglected Hawaii as a possible travel destination for a long time. Until I got into Hawaii Five 0, I slowly started falling in love with the beautiful beaches on the island. I also craved the popular garlic shrimp and the malasadas.

I was planning a trip to Zanzibar in October and chickened out last minute at the realization of the length of the trip – I only had one week off from work and needed some place relaxing and relatively close to LA. Hawaii came to mind and as October is off-season, the $350 flight ticket was more than convincing. It only took a five minutes internet search to know that Oahu was the island I wanted to visit first (duh! that is were they shoot Hawaii five 0 – mostly – I think…).

Two weeks later, I embarked on a flight from LAX to Honolulu, on a solo adventure to one of the most romantic destinations in the world. Here is how I spent one of the most incredible vacations of my life and what I recommend to all those heading to Oahu. Continue reading “Wêrê-Wêrê on the Road: Oahu, Hawaii”

Wêrê-Wêrê on the Road: Seattle, WA


One of my resolutions for this year was to travel solo to a new land, a country I’ve never visited before. I wanted to go big: Thailand, Indonesia, Japan. I started my little research and read some great stories about solo female travelers. The one recommendation I noted from multiple solo travellers was to start small and safe with a little trip, not too far from home. So I took that advice and packed my bags for this one city I’ve been dying to see (ever since Grey’s Anatomy). Continue reading “Wêrê-Wêrê on the Road: Seattle, WA”

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