Project Green Elephant – as I affectionally named the manuscript for my first book ever – is finally complete. Until now I hadn’t realized the multitude of avenues to take a book from manuscript to publication. I decided to go the self-publishing route and I am currently working to find the best match editors (line and copyediting).

I need the help of anyone who has gone down that route before. Any recommendations on good line and copy editors? Also any advices on-self publishing in general would be greatly appreciated. See below a summary of the literary fiction I completed.

Soukeina and Aïssatou Sangaré were raised in a conservative family in Abidjam, Côte D’Ivoire. Aïssatou is the model child, straight A student, she dreams about living in the America portrayed to her on TV. After high school, she embarks in the American adventure starting her journey in New York City. From college life to corporate America, Aïssatou learns the ins and outs of American culture, from the seat on an African immigrant.  Her conservative and timid nature is challenged at each step of the way, forcing her to come out of her shell. Far from home, she uncovers herself, her ugly truths. She falls in love, loses herself first before finding her way through her own words.

Soukeina is the odd child. Despite her parents’ objections, she persists in following the path she designed for herself. Her adventures take place her to Paris where she too finds something of her own in the European culture.

Between Côte d’Ivoire, France and America, the sisters learn to navigate through the large cultural differences between the west and a third world country on the west coast of Africa. Race, sex, womanhood and religion are some of the main concepts contrasted across the different cultures in this book.

Amour, Toujours


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