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An African City

One of the greatest african TV shows produced within the past few years, “an African City” is a satire of life in a modern day african city. Described by many as the african version of “Sex in the City”, the show presents the lives of young african ladies who lived most of their lives abroad and return home to build a life. Continue reading “An African City”


What Is Your True Life Purpose?

Have you ever reached a point where you question many of your life decisions? Do you ever wonder whether you are heading in the right direction? What is your next move? Do you ever wonder what is your life purpose? What you are truly passionate about that you can turn into a career, make it fit into your life purpose? Continue reading “What Is Your True Life Purpose?”

Meet and Greet @ Dream Big: 6/11/16

Weekend Meet and Greet!!! Get your social on!

Dream Big, Dream Often


It’s the Meet and Greet weekend at Dream Big!!

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The Gratitude Experiment

Studies by Dr. Andrew Newberg, a neuroscientist at Thomas Jefferson University, and Mark Robert Waldman, a communications expert, showed that using and focusing on positive words can dramatically improve the chemistry in your brain and propel you into great actions. Other studies have shown that a key element to happiness is how much gratitude we express. Indeed, the experiment in the video below, shows how expressing gratitude can increase your happiness level and therefore allow you to see the good in your life and in the people around you.


As I sat this morning on my sticky mat, encouraged by my yoga teacher to focus on the goods in my life and what I was grateful for, I thought I am grateful: Continue reading “The Gratitude Experiment”

Creative Living: Honor the Artist within You.

I started writing around the age 9 and discovered something I was really passionate about, something that “created a revolution in my heart”. I knew then I wanted to be a writer. My parents never took me seriously but I kept writing because I could, because it made me a better person, because I believed in me. However as I grew older, I let the fear of rejection, the fear that my art wasn’t good enough, important enough, take over me. I even postponed starting this blog for the longest time. Until one day I thought: to hell all the assumptions! I needed to let the artist in me live out, speak out. Continue reading “Creative Living: Honor the Artist within You.”

Wêrê-Wêrê on the Road: Seattle, WA


One of my resolutions for this year was to travel solo to a new land, a country I’ve never visited before. I wanted to go big: Thailand, Indonesia, Japan. I started my little research and read some great stories about solo female travelers. The one recommendation I noted from multiple solo travellers was to start small and safe with a little trip, not too far from home. So I took that advice and packed my bags for this one city I’ve been dying to see (ever since Grey’s Anatomy). Continue reading “Wêrê-Wêrê on the Road: Seattle, WA”

Tea Obsession: Top 5 all time Fav


Rumor has it the brits are obsessed with tea. I didn’t even realize there was such as thing called “tea obsession” until my mother pointed out that I too, was a Teaholic. My love affair with tea actually started way back in high school, slowed down through college and got real heated when I started working (my adult life). Yes I am still talking about tea. Continue reading “Tea Obsession: Top 5 all time Fav”

Life Crossroads: Decrypting the ambiguity of fate

“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.” Nelson Mandela

Photo Credit to  


Too often in life we are faced with an infinity of choices. From the time we wake up to the end of the day. Do I get to work by train or bus? Do I eat oatmeal or omelette? Blue or white shirt? Those are mostly easy choices that shouldn’t require much thought process. Unless you are like me, and completely indecisive about 90% of things. Going shopping with me can be torture, even for myself sometimes.

I am not a fan of choices, I hate having too many because I just can’t decide and usually end up running away from making a decision altogether. But they are those key deciding moments in life that you can’t run away from; those big decisions that will change your life forever. Continue reading “Life Crossroads: Decrypting the ambiguity of fate”

What Would You do If You Weren’t Afraid?

We all have wild dreams that cohabit with fears living inside of us. I recently started a semi soul-searching journey, wondering what I really wanted in life, and what I was meant to do, to be, what I wanted to achieve. Whenever those questions came to mind, I could feel my dreams excitedly fidgeting inside, lending to my imagination. Yet, when I thought about translating imagination to reality, I also felt my fears surging, bullying and paralyzing. And then I changed the question to what would I do, if I weren’t afraid? The ideas came rushing to the front of my brain, fearlessly bumping into each other, eager to bloom before something (fear) shuts them down.


If I weren’t afraid, I would quit my job. Continue reading “What Would You do If You Weren’t Afraid?”

Dents De Scie

Hurting in circles
Terrified at all times
Stressed at a constant, squarred

To make a move, what if it is the wrong direction?
To speak up, what if it is the  wrong argument?
To be, what if it is not enough?

That he is not listening to my unspoken prayers
I assumed he would just know better than I did

Written in bold and capital on my prescription
Except there is no place I can buy that

It is the highly recommended music
But I make quiet and don’t hear anything

Is how my heart beats
Because happy is all I want to be
Except there is no set road

Is all I need
Yet, all I lack.



Journey to Self-Love

Just a little while ago, “write a letter to your past self” was an exploding trend. I kept thinking of what I would want to tell my 12 years old self, and then to my 16 years old and 20 and so on. I had many words of wisdom going wild in my brain.
We experience life differently over the years because our priorities, goals and dreams change. We adjust our plans to fit with reality, to settle or thrive. I could have written a letter full of wisdom and good advices. Maybe I will one day. But I had to wonder at this stage in my life, what was the biggest lesson I learned, the most important thing I wish I knew much earlier. The answer to this was simply:”Self-love”.


It seems so easy to say: “off-course I love myself”, who doesn’t? Continue reading “Journey to Self-Love”

Before I turn 30!

before 30

It’s a given, 30 is a big milestone. I have seen many lists and heard about experiences people hoped to live before they embrace the big three O: Some sort of “before 30 bucket list”. I had always found this a little silly until I ran into the article below and realized that I too I had similar goals for my life but just didn’t have a deadline. From moving to a new city, to solo travelling to a far place, learning a new language, having my portrait taken, polishing my wine knowlege and finding a cause; I invite you to be inspired.

20 Experiences You Should Have Before You Turn 30

What about you? What is on your bucket list?

Thanks God It’s Friday (almost)!!

I have loved this cartoon version of Angelah Johnson stand up on “Nail Salon”. I get a good laugh every time I watch it despite that I’ve seen it over a dozen times. While we are celebrating the weekend in the corner, I invite you to please enjoy this short clip with me once again. Happy Friday!!!





Happy 1 yr Bloganniversary – K.O.


About a year ago, I was reading Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and fell in love with the story of the main character. Ifemelu, a blogger at heart, owned her words and delivered her thoughts in such an exquisite way that empowered and inspired me. I felt the dormant storyteller in me awakening, then jumping up and down from excitement. I realized, I too had so much to express and found a way to share the thoughts I had been dragging with me for so long. Continue reading “Happy 1 yr Bloganniversary – K.O.”

Time to press OFF

“Once a year, go somewhere you’ve never been before” seen somewhere.

I started this year with a vacation in Puerto Rico and went to many new places for work (but that doesn’t count). As I am waiting for for my flight to St Croix, I reflect on this past year which has been pretty challenging. I also think of next year, the changes I want to see, the stars I want to reach, the plans I need to make. I am taking St Croix as a break point, worry free, stress free, an inspiration for new beginnings.

Make time to be free, to let go, to renew, to transform, to be you!

Fallen Apart

It broke a while ago
Something felt different, exhausting
Loosing the will to hold on
I let go for sanity

I let go a while go
You never saw me leaving, fading away
I hear you calling from far
I hear you speaking, but the words just hit me and fall

Too long has gone by
You are now my stranger
My somebody I used to want to know
Today, I just don’t

It broke, so abruptly, so surprisingly
I guess it’s been loose for a while
When I stopped identifying with us

You said I let things change me, make me bitter
I really just found ME
And ME is too far from who you knew

Forgive me for leaving you
I can no more be us
At the cost of losing ME

Perhaps I will be back,
But for now please, allow me to be.


We Should all be Feminists

About three months ago, a friend of mine sent me a pretty random snapchat video showing a woman cooking. More specifically she was ferociously whipping in a pan what I assume was a local african dish. The accompanying  subtitle read: “here is a real african woman”. I was very confused by this as I wondered what about that scene made this lady a real african woman. I didn’t know how to whip like she did or even if I could I had no desire to do so. Did that make me less of an “african woman”? Why was it, that the ability to cook a special trait of an african woman? Or for that matter a woman in general? Continue reading “We Should all be Feminists”

Life Lessons From Successful Entrepreneurs

I have been so excited and looking forward to write this post and bring you back what I learned from Chicago Ideas Week. Diving right into it:

Lesson #1: Challenge your excuses and challenge yourself to live outside your routine. Continue reading “Life Lessons From Successful Entrepreneurs”


I run, I run faster than I ever have
Letting the air stomp my lungs and the wind scratch my face
My legs hurt but I won’t stop running
From the pain that is hunting me down
I am afraid if I stop it will catch me
Because there is no hidding from it
Because Neither my heart ready to pop out of my chest
Nor my lung about to come out through my throat
Can compete against the pain I am running from
So I keep running…

Sistas be panicking!

In my grandparents generation, people got married pretty early, most women didn’t go to school, didn’t have real jobs or even career goals; many were mainly housewives. Success for a woman at that time was defined by finding a decent husband and making as many children as possible.
With my parents’ generation, I saw a dramatic change with much more women in the workforce, taking leadership positions in private and government jobs. Schooling for women was a much higher priority than for the previous generation. Educated women had more options and were more equipped to make educated choices for themselves. I noticed many women in that generation getting married in their early – mid thirties, most of them with solid and successful careers. Continue reading “Sistas be panicking!”

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