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Pardon me? Did my question shock you? GOOD! It was meant to! But of course I meant it figuratively. I heard a high level executive today asking how someone at a much lower level had the balls to ask for something else than the generous offer made. To be honest, I thought the same thing before Mr. Executive expressed it. The requesting party created an option that none of us ever dared thinking of.

I realized that so often, we let fear get in the way of being happy, of living our life purpose, of realizing our true potential. We are afraid the answer will be no, we are afraid people will judge us, we are afraid we are not good enough, we are afraid we will fall and be shamed, we are afraid to disappoint; the list goes on and we could write a whole book about humans’ fears.

So What Sticky Note

But so what? We never try? Because the fear of failing is bigger than the possibility of a rewarding experience? Do we let fear win by that much and live less because of a “feeling”. YOU ARE NOT YOUR FEAR and therefore should not be defined by it nor should your life be led by it.

So what have you been dying to do but too afraid to try? It doesnt have to be something big. Anything from travelling solo, to moving to a new city, asking for new responsibilities, quitting a bad relationship, trying a dance class or simply talking to the girl/guy next door.

Let go of your assumptions, what others might or might not think of you is not yours to worry about. Understand that there are no failures, only learning experiences and lessons from the universe. Live those experiences and accept them for what they are. Observe the fear within you and realize that it is just a feeling fabricated by assumptions, anticipations and your mind’s interpretation of past experiences. You can’t free yourself from the doubting, judging, self-conscious voice within you. But you can recognize it as separate from who you are and live beyond it.

So DARE to ask, to travel, to dance, to be Bold! DARE to live your freaking life! You might not always get what you want and it is ok, it is probably destiny pulling you in a different direction. For the sake of learning, the experiences are worth daring. And sometimes, an amazing thing happens when you shoot for the moon, you actually reach it!

So grow some balls and DARE!!