Mom emptied her wallet on the bed, dumping what looked like a hundred different coins of all sizes and colors. She was counting and piling the coins up in mini towers. I laid on the other side of bed watching her with amazement; I had never seen so many coins before. Mom was preparing for the “Kouroubi” which was a long night of preaching and prayers at the mosque. The coins were to be distributed to the beggars sitting at the entrance of the mosque. I wasn’t allowed to go to Kouroubi. Mom said it involved staying awake, praying and meditating all night and most importantly sitting still. She didn’t trust me complying to that last part and didn’t want to spend her Kouroubi reprimanding me. I never really knew the significance of Kouroubi. Up to today, it was just the night grown ups dressed up in their whitest clothes and went out with heavy wallets to the mosque.

Last Friday night was Kouroubi again. I probably would have been allowed to go if I were home since I am now considered a “grown up”, fairly capable of “sitting still”. As I talked to my mom in the afternoon, I felt a pinch to my heart hearing my siblings and cousins in the back preparing for the big night. For just a little while, I zoned out of mom’s story and let myself drown in the so familiar background noise. Then I finally asked her “what is the significance of Kouroubi?” surprised that I never discussed what was such a big annual deal.

“It is the night of destiny. The night that the Quran was revealed to the prophet Muhammad SAW. It is also the night that God reviews the fate he planned for everyone and make changes where necessary”. Mom said.

That last part really got my attention. I never really thought that there was a set plan that was annually adjusted. So that got me thinking, assuming that I have a say in that master plan for my life, how would I write that story for the next year?

Later that night, I wrote my letter to God as a proposal to his master plan for me. And as I wrote my proposal, I was strangely filled up with energies such as courage, compassion, love, determination and so on.

We don’t always realize the power of visualization. Yet once you perceive and state it to the universe, circumstances can emerge to help you achieve.

Now, if you were offered a chance to write a one year proposal for your life, what would you draft? Remember “if your dreams don’t scare you, then they are not big enough” Ellen Johnson.