One of my resolutions for this year was to travel solo to a new land, a country I’ve never visited before. I wanted to go big: Thailand, Indonesia, Japan. I started my little research and read some great stories about solo female travelers. The one recommendation I noted from multiple solo travellers was to start small and safe with a little trip, not too far from home. So I took that advice and packed my bags for this one city I’ve been dying to see (ever since Grey’s Anatomy).

My biggest fear about solo traveling was feeling lonely. A great friend of mine was very supportive of my solo travel ambition as she herself completed a 4 months travel across southeast Asia. To my fear, she replied that I will always meet new people, make new friends (If I wanted to). How will the introvert in me survive a 4 months solo adventure? That I couldn’t tell you. But Seattle was easy, it was close to home and it was only 3 days. So I packed my bags and flew to the “Emerald City”.

The one advice I would give to those considering solo traveling is to be well organized: know at least how to get from the airport to your hotel, prepare all the necessary arrangements. That will save you time and useless frustrations.

My flight arrive at 9:30am. on a Thursday morning. I took the monorail from the airport directly to downtown and headed to the Pike Market.

  1. Pike Market CenterDSC_0042

This place is a must for all Seattle visitors. You can find pretty much anything from fresh fruits and vegetables to great local restaurants and the “flowers” (are to kill for). All I could think of, passing all those flowers merchants, mesmerized by the beauty and colorfulness, is that I wanted to be in charge of the flowers at someone’s wedding. I honestly would have gotten a bunch to put all over my house if I lived in the city.

2. Gum WallDSC_0087

I ended up at the Gum Wall which is right below the Pike Market. I’ve got to say, if you are on the germaphobe side like me, you really don’t need to make it down there. The sight of millions of gum balls stuck on a wall only made me think of how much saliva, was actually on the wall and this got my skin itchy for a few minutes after I left the scene. Honestly, I am probably being overdramatic; just go to the wall, take your picture and walk away. And please, I beg you, don’t touch anything.

3. Piroshky Piroshky 


Still at the Pike Market, when in comes to the sexiest restaurants in town, DO NOT leave Seattle without going to Piroshky Piroshky . This Russian bakery is everything! I had a snack from there every day of my trip. My favorites were the beef and onions piroshky and the salmon pocket (Yum). They have other pastries on the sweet side as well. You just can’t go wrong at this place. On a side note, this bakery is right next to the first Starbucks. The line is ridiculous and not really worth it in my opinion. Take a picture, and you can walk to the next block and get the same Starbucks coffee with no wait time.

4. The Chihuly garden


Next stop was the Chihuly Garden. I would recommend getting the city pass if you can. It goes for about $70 and give you accesss to 5 attractions in the city. I thought it was absolutely worth it. The Chihuly garden is one of the options in the pass and the garden is right next to the space needle. Stunning, Chihuly offers jewelry for the eyes and mind. Spend some time at the Chihuly museum and let your heart be intoxicated with amazement.

5. The space needle


I went back to my hotel for a rest next, came back out for dinner before heading to the space needle. Regarding lodging, I would recommend staying somewhere downtown. I enjoyed being a decent walking distance from almost everything. I had dinner at Quinn’s on Pike street. Walking a few block east on Pike street was a surprisingly fun adventure. you will see many restaurants, bars, wine shops and local stores. The ambiance was fun and inviting in general. At Quinn’s I had the Ultra Burger. Man, this burger has everything including foie gras (Yum).  Head north to Molly Moon’s Handmade Ice-cream at the corner on 10th and enjoy some Seattle made hormones free ice-cream. I had the earl grey and honey lavender; a creamy delicacy.

I went a little later at night to the space needle as I wanted the night sight of the city. The bonus to going later at night is also less tourists and more time to take it all in. I was disappointed that they didn’t have the emerald light on. Apparently, it only happens for special events (va savoir!)

6. Seattle Boat Tour


Next day, I went back to Piroshki Piroshki 🙂 for breakfast and later took the city boat tour. Absolutely amazing on a sunny day, to be on the water, feeling the breeze and taking in more views of Seattle. If the weather is nice and clear, you should see mont rainier which is absolutely stunning.


Back from the boat ride, I stopped at Rachel’s Ginger Beer. If like me you are obsessed with ginger or if you just like a good refreshing drink on a hot day, Rachel got it.

7. EMP Museum


Next stop at the EMP Museum. Probably one the coolest place in Seattle, the EMP museum is definitely a great place to go if you are traveling with Children. One of my most favorite was the “Hello Kitty” room. I could feel the little kid inside of me giddy and jumping with excitement. All the exhibits in this museum are absolutely amazing and exiting. You could spend a whole day in there. I definitely wish I planned for more time in there.

8. The flower FestivalDSC_0487DSC_0500

I was lucky that the flower festival happened the weekend I was in town. Merchants from all other town came to the Pike Market to expose their most beautiful bouquet compositions.

9. Paseo

Lastly, I couldn’t end this post without mentioning Paseo, a carrebean sandwich shop in the Fremont neighboorhood. Rumor has it, it is the place to eat in Seattle. I had the scallops sandwich to go and grabbed a uber back to my hotel. The driver couldn’t stop commenting on how delicious my sandwich smelled and indeed it was pretty good. Make a detour to check out the troll after you had a Paseo sandwich. It is a pretty cool sculpture I didn’t even know about and my uber driver was nice enough to detour through the alley.

Seattle has a lot to offer, it is definitely worth the visit. Most importantly it doesn’t rain as bad as people claim. The weather was sunny and stayed great the whole weekend.To avoid turning this post into a book, I only covered a few of the places I visited. I hope I gave you a few ideas for your next trip to Seattle or encourage you to visit that city.

PS: My only regret is that I didn’t run into any cute surgeons (Grey’s Anatomy people, you get me).