Rumor has it the brits are obsessed with tea. I didn’t even realize there was such as thing called “tea obsession” until my mother pointed out that I too, was a Teaholic. My love affair with tea actually started way back in high school, slowed down through college and got real heated when I started working (my adult life). Yes I am still talking about tea. My pantry has more tea selections than most restaurants I have been to. Green, white, black, oolong, pu-erh, you name it, I got it.

A colleague of mine recently asked me to send her a selection of my most preferred teas as she was planning on a 30 days tea cleanse. I had never got so excited making a list. And I thought, I should share it with a bigger audience. So here is the list of my top 5 all time favorite teas:

#1- Earl Grey Vanilla Creme (EGVC) from Argo Tea

This tea smells amazing! I always spend some time smelling the tea bag before I put it in hot water. I just can’t get over the smell. And it also taste like heaven. If you are ever by a Argo Tea store, I would recommend getting EGVC on their specials menu. I always get it with almond milk and needless to say that it makes my day.

#2 – Green Tea Tropical from Might Leaf

This is a blend of green tea leaves with bites of tropical fruits. Great taste and refreshing, I usually don’t even add sugar to it. All the taste is there to savor your tea time.

#3 – Tulsi Sweet Rose Tea from Organic India

This is an amazing blend of rose, lemongrass, chamomile (etc…), calming, soothing.They say it has some magic. Well I believe it! I usually take this right after dinner, or before bedtime. This tea smells incredible and will take all your senses to a peaceful time.

#4- Ginger Pear Tea from Trader Joe’s

If you like ginger, you will love its powerful presence in this tea. Blend of white tea, chamomille, ginger roots and lemon, this tea is both cleansing and calming. I love it especially when I have an itch in my throat, from an attempted cold.

#5 – Stomach Ease from Yogi

My stomach fusses a lot from any and every emotions I live. This tea has been an amazing companion and supporter to calm that fuss. I always carry a few tea bags in my purse, because it HELPS!

So here it is, my go-to, most favorite magic drinks. If you are a tea lover or even a casual tea drinker and have any suggestions on teas, let me know. Trust me, I will try it.