We all have wild dreams that cohabit with fears living inside of us. I recently started a semi soul-searching journey, wondering what I really wanted in life, and what I was meant to do, to be, what I wanted to achieve. Whenever those questions came to mind, I could feel my dreams excitedly fidgeting inside, lending to my imagination. Yet, when I thought about translating imagination to reality, I also felt my fears surging, bullying and paralyzing. And then I changed the question to what would I do, if I weren’t afraid? The ideas came rushing to the front of my brain, fearlessly bumping into each other, eager to bloom before something (fear) shuts them down.


If I weren’t afraid, I would quit my job. I humbly believe I analyzed more GL accounts than it is humanly bearable. There is nothing wrong with being an auditor; there are just other things that rock my world stronger. I would pack my bags and my books and travel the world.

I would walk into a night club in Spain and dance like there is no tomorrow. I would go up to the cute guy by the bar and ask his name. I would entertain the hell out of him and make him dance with me, for me. I would kiss him adios before I leave.

I would focus on my blog and my writing; give it the best of me. I would go soul-searching in Bali and practice yoga and meditation daily. I would go explore the beaches of Thailand and photograph the hell out of the landscape. I would spend some time on the Greek Islands and work on the book I had always dreamed of writing: the story of a brave African girl who dreamed to conquer the world against all odds.

I would spend some time at the reggae festival in Jamaica and live passionately in the name of JAH. I would take a cruise to the western Caribbean islands and take in the culture, talk to the people, and get inspired by the stories and the history.

I would spend some time in rural areas of Ivory Coast and build a school. I would volunteer to teach and be the best damn teacher I can be. I would fight for those students to get the best education possible and teach them that there is nothing they can’t do. I would teach them to believe in themselves and that if their dreams don’t scare them, those dreams are not big enough.

I would open my heart to love of all things and let myself fall in love with all things. I would be happy, I would be me, in conqueror mode and I would be on fire. I would know that I am living the life of no regret and if I died after that, I would be ready for whatever comes next.

What about you, what would you do if you weren’t afraid?