I have been so excited and looking forward to write this post and bring you back what I learned from Chicago Ideas Week. Diving right into it:

Lesson #1: Challenge your excuses and challenge yourself to live outside your routine.

I’ve got to admit I’ve used “being busy” as an excuse for failing to participate in diverse social interactions. Just a few weeks ago, I got invited to an event happening in the evening. Middle of the week, I was buried in work and started building up excuses not to go. Technically, you could argue that work is an actual reason not an excuse. I say get past the terminologies! I decided to listen to the little voice inside of me, get over my “busy” self (rolling eyes) and head to the event. And guess what? That was by far the best decision I made that week. Turned out the event was hosting famous entrepreneurs such as Cynthia Rowley – Fashion Designer, Kay Koplovitz – founder of USA network, Martine Rothblatt – highest paid female CEO in America – Founder of United Therapeutics and Sirius Radio and the one and only Martha Stewart. I was beyond inspired by the stories of these women who built successful careers and changed the world in different fields. I want to share with you dear friends, just two ideas that stuck with me and gave me new perspectives on life.

Lesson #2: Possibilities

Kay Koplovitz had a lot of NOs and “You can’t” in her career. But she says what still keeps her motivated, what drove her success and the advice she gives to everyone she meets is to wake up every morning knowing that “the world is full of possibilities”. Indeed your life can change drastically within the next 10 minutes, the hour, the day or the next 5 months. The possibilities are endless, therefore giving up should never be an option. There is always a way, anything can happen because my friend life is full of possibilities.

Lesson #3: Challenge even more

Just like Kay, Martine Rothblatt got a lot of “NOs” and “you can’t” in her life. But the story of her achievements is mind-blowing, off the chart incredible. Martine went from a purely communication background to being part of finding a cure for pulmonary hypertension. Just because she said NO to the nos, she refused to step back and give up, she wanted to challenge the idea of impossibility in a field she wasn’t even an expert in to start with. Martine was driven, unstoppable, because she too believed that the world was full of possibilities and by challenging negativity, authorities and believing in herself, in the power of her drive, she changed the world.

Challenge yourself, challenge the norms, let your passion drive you, because when you believe enough in a cause, “Yes, you can” should be the answer and again because the possibilities are endless and the sky is the limit.