I have been away for quite a while, overwhelmed with work and other social commitments. I did start drafting a couple posts through the past weeks, mainly when ideas came to mind, just before I forget or lose my train of thought. Well enough excuses for my absence, but I did feel I owe this small introduction. I am back on track and more than ready to pursue on my blogging.
Browsing through random articles on the internet, I came across this article by Nara Schoenberg, “looking for friends in all the right places” and it hit me in a way that deserved a post.

I moved to a new city about 2 years ago and I can say to this day I haven’t quite met the local BFF yet or even made a solid group of local “my gals”. Now I did make friends at work and enjoy spending time with the people. And I do have a few friends from college who moved to the city. Yet, I still feel the lack of a crew I could truly relate to. You could say there are multiple ways to meet new people through sites such as meetup, the possibilities are endless. But when I started to really dive into it and reflect on my past two years, I realized the truth:

I never really tried to find new friends. Thinking of recent experiences from high school to college and even in grad school, making friends was such an easy task because circumstances made it happen. You are bound to the people around you from the commonality of the experience. But the sudden change in life such as moving to a new city makes you start from scratch, zero. Now I am probably on the reserve side and I do enjoy my solo time.
With all good intentions, I feel the need to spend time with people outside of my professional environment after work hours. Working in an environment where you spent astonishingly long hours with your coworkers, don’t judge me for seeking a different experience from 4pm on Friday to Sunday night. I  envy all those people who sign off at the end of the week and go catch up with their high school/college friends over drinks, dinner or weekend brunch. Life circumstances made that all my BFFs are spread across the globe. Thanks to technology we get to catch up on a regular basis. I am sure my life would be much different if we all lived in the same place. But circumstances are what they are and I am taking on me to go out there am meet new people. I am definitely on the reserved side when I meet strangers but I can snap out of this stage pretty fast.
My main issue has always been finding people I can connect with and relate to. Being from a foreign country with a big difference in culture can often place barriers in the way you interact with people. But as I am engaging to try new experiences and challenge my excuses, I am committing to find people I can connect with and make new friends, and find that new BFF. Let me be the one who is looking forward to the weekend brunch with the girls!!!