Two years ago, I decided for my new year’s resolution to push myself more out of my comfort zone. I like to think of myself as shy, introverted and afraid of ridicule. Thus, stepping out of this comfort zone implied going against many of my natural instincts. Yet I was determined to explore new grounds and willing to step outside my zone for a second.

I have always wanted to do ballet, ever since I was seven. At the time, I convinced my parents to sign me up for ballet lessons. But I never made it far in the classes for many reasons, mainly my parents had conflicting schedules and couldn’t take me to the classes as often as needed. Years later, when thinking today of ways to step out of my comfort zone and practice positive thinking, I thought again of ballet and that obsession shared with the little girl inside of me. I looked up classes in my neighborhood and went to my first ballet lesson “beginning ballet 1”.

I couldn’t find any lower level that fitted my schedule and the front desk lady convinced me that I didn’t need much prior ballet knowledge to be in that class. Well, that was not really the case. Waiting for class to start, I was admiring the advanced ballet lesson happening in the hall. At the same time, I was beyond intimidated, I couldn’t do a split like that girl, I wasn’t even quite sure what a “plie” was. But I thought to myself, what is the worst that could happen here? I probably will not see those people again if I decided not to come back after the first class. So before I stepped in the class, I made the conscious decision to ignore that little negative voice that often tells me that I am not good enough, ridicule, clueless, etc…. I decided to have fun and be comfortable with making a fool of myself. Let me tell you, this class was no beginning to ballet. 80% of the time I had no clue what I was doing and it was clear that everybody else was at a much advanced stage. The instructor was very kind to help me with the work, even going up to grabbing my feet to show me the routine sometimes.

Did I feel ridiculous sometimes? O yes! But a great ridicule that made me laugh and appreciate the experience. I may not be able to make that split within the next months but I am sure as hell committed to work on my ballet. For a long time, I had been trying to find something that I am deeply passionate about. I never thought going back to my childhood dream would bring me such excitement. How did I do in the first class? Terrible! But I never once got frustrated that I wasn’t getting it. My excitement was stronger because I owe it to the little girl inside of me and the grown woman I am today, to make time and make the ballerina dream happen.

When I tried to follow the person in front of me, I was quite intrigued that my body didn’t move the same way. There I got a great lesson from the instructor: “Everybody is different, but you have to believe in what you’ve got, work what you’ve got and make it work” . That sold it for me! Tomorrow I am going to the dance supply store to get my dance shoes and I can’t even begin to say how much I am looking forward to this.

Now I invite you to think, what was your childhood dream?