I like her smile and her happiness
Her Freedom and her sense of humor
Her sass and her corkiness
I like her who she has become without you

I learned to know her
What she likes, her dreams and passions
Her strengths and fears
Her skills and her weaknesses

I have enjoyed being unapologetically her
You didn’t , couldn’t, wouldn’t fit in that equation
I have known this since that day I said game over
You had known longer before then

No one won or lost
You exited without a word
Leaving so many unspoken thoughts and feelings

You didn’t fit in her life, in her version of happy
It’s alright, she didn’t fit in yours
I knew this from life, my gut, evidence, even God

I still allowed her to float in uncertainties
Because she is loving and devoted
Because she can’t let go easy
Until that day life made her
God forcefully helped her

Now you are gone
You’ve actually been gone for a while
A bare memory, sometimes blurry
Until you pop up unannounced
With your load of melancholy

Remember when we promise to hold hands no matter what happened
She can’t keep that promise
We have to let her move on, live on

I couldn’t bear not having you in my life
Your sassy comments and pretentious speeches
Your passionate endeavor
I couldn’t let you go even though you didn’t fit in hers

You know how bad I am with Good Byes
I hold on and cry
Because letting go is also letting a part of me die

Yet, It’s time to say Good Bye
No pain, No hate
Just survival