Confident Woman

The Confident Woman doesn’t compare herself to others, she owns who she is; she is unapologetically herself.
She owns her flaws, because she knows perfection is boring (Tyra Banks), and flawsome is the finest form of beauty.

The Confident Woman is passionate about life, love, her friends or anything else that makes her happy.
She is loving, caring and respectful.
She treats others the way she expects to be treated.

The Confident Woman does not settle for less than what she wants and deserves;
She knows she is entitled to respect and does not negotiate.
She does not hang on to what is gone and lost, she lets it go;
She does not hang on to anger, she realizes moving on is more promising

The Confident Woman acknowledges her fears and engages to face them.
She strives to change things she dislikes in her life.
She knows how to draw the line between bold and careless.
She lives independently of others’ judgment of her life.

The Confident Woman does not expect others to make her happy, she finds happiness and peace within herself.
She has faith, in God, life, fate or anything else; she believes in something.

The Confident Woman, she smiles!
To all Confident Women across the globe, Smile on!