Browsing through my most favorite blogs, I came across a post listing the best quotes in life. Being a Pinterest lover, I realized I pined more than enough inspirational quotes for a post. I thus decided  to share 5 of my most favorite inspirational quotes.                     


Too many times I deeply wanted something and it ended up not working out the way I hoped. But I always have faith that there is something better coming my way. I believe we need to accept when some things are just not meant to be and stay hopeful for the best to come.


Allowing hate in your heart is giving someone the power to control your life. Do you really want to give someone so much power?


I believe that says it all!!

strong womanWoman let your shine through! Pop your collar and prove who is the greatest!

happinessMake a commitment to being happy, to not let all the frustrations get to you, to realize you have the power to design how your experience life.