Too many times we let fear keep us from achieving our greatest dreams. Now think, What would you do if you were not afraid? Remember, the sky is the limit!!!


What is your deepest fear?  Jumping out of a plane? Speaking in front of people?  I will tell you for a lot of us it’s neither of those. A majority of us have a fear of achieving our dreams.  We figure out ways to sabotage them.  Why?  Why would you allow yourself to shortchange your own happiness?  Because we don’t want to feel better than others or seem boastful.

For a long time as an adolescent becoming a young adult I felt that way. As an athlete in high school I worked hard for three years to become the best hurdler I could.  When my Senior year came I was undefeated the entire season.  I felt ecstatic as I heard my name every morning after a track meet announced to the entire school.  Until a classmate told me that I was no better than anyone else. That I would amount to…

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