We hear often after an upsetting experience, to let go: of the pain, the anger, the deception, etc… “let go”, such a simple word yet such a complex  action. They hit us somtimes: betrayal, heartbreak, deception, despair. As unannounced guests they take place in our hearts and can change who we are; for the better or the worst.
Life is full of ups and down and that can get us carried away. We may stay sore and bitter from all the dark emotions. Let them change us into diabolical robots. But we have to realize that by giving up on happiness,  we loose, twice. We cannot, should not allow that to happen.
We need to learn to accept how pain changes us but refuse to let it darken our lives and negatively affect who we are. All bad experiences come with their lessons. Learning is part of the adventure. You see, we can’t change everthing that happen to us, but we can certainly change the way we react to it, handle it.
This thought has changed my perception of life; the realization that beyond everything that hit us hard, we could make the conscious decision to be HAPPY. Our happiness shouldn’t solely depends on others, it should mainly come within. So going foreward,  choose to be happy, to let go of misery,  choose to forgive not for them but because you love yourself enough to choose You and be happy!