Imagine you are walking on the beach with a vase. You are holding it carelessly because you think you are on the sand so even if the vase was to fall, it wouldn’t break apart because you know, it’s just sand. Now you start to walk faster just because you feel like it. But you trip and your vase goes flying and breaks into 2 pieces. You are lucky, you got some glue so you fix it before you start walking again more cautiously this time.  After walking for a while, you are overwhelmed by the desire to start running. You see people passing you carrying their vases. You then start running too. It feels good, so you go faster and faster,  determined to get to an uncertain destination. Then, the unfortunate happens. You trip again and this time your vase breaks into infinite small pieces. You sit there, defeated and sad. How much glue and time would it take to fix it this time! You get yourself together and start working.  You can’t get most of the smaller pieces but you do your best at reconstructing the vase. You end up with a vase witg small holes at places and a bit of sand too in between the glued lines. You are relieved you got it somewhat together but still shaken by the incidents. Now, the idea of moving again with your vase is mortifying. You don’t dare running or even walking. You just start crawling because you think you are in no hurry. You will get the vase to a safe place but you will be crawling until you get there no matter how long it would take or what people around were doing.
Now imagine that the vase here represents your heart and that walk on the beach your life.
Some vases fall but dont break, because I guess they are plastic. I thought mine was plastic too but you dont get to pick and you dont know until you trip.
I read somewhere we should let God use our broken pieces because he knows best how to. I do have faith that I will get my vase to a safe place at some point but I also choose to crawl there.