I recently lent my “Fifty Shades of Grey” book to my friend Blanche Neige. For those not familiar with the Fifty Shades trilogy, the books tell the story of a dreamy young billionaire, described as the ideal man who falls in love with a regular girl. The story is like a modern day, real life, fairy tale; if we may call it that way. Mr. Grey is the man every girl has been waiting for. I too, have rose on cloud 9 reading the Grey trilogy, growing a new found hope for my prince charming. Let’s admit it ladies, we have all at some point in our lives, believed in the perfect fairy tale, in our happily ever after. Some still do, life has taught others differently. I believed in the fairy tale. I was brought up by conservative parents and was taught to focus on my studies, work on becoming a successful woman and somewhere at the end of this road; I would meet my prince charming. He would be breathtakingly beautiful and kind and we would live happily ever after. I meet many single ladies, young girls, established women who wouldn’t necessarily refer to the “Prince Charming” terminology to describe their ideal mate, but would have criteria attributable to a prince charming. Many of these ladies complain that they can’t find the man to fit the shoes. Then, I witnessed some settled for less than they had initially bargained for.

My friend Blanche Neige strongly believes that her fairy tale will happen. “I already know the script of my fairy tale, I am only waiting for the main actor” she told me. Next to her I have my cousin FatD who claims to be realist: “ In the end, you don’t always marry the one you love, just the one who is ready when you are, the one that makes you happy, that might not be the one you love”, quoting FatD. Now, is the idea of prince Charming/ideal man ridiculous or have some women ‘ideas of Prince Charming gone too wild? Let’s assume that marriage is the end point for relationships! I stand by the idea that marriage is a partnership similar to a business. Therefore, it is only fair to state that you must choose your partner wisely.

A bon entendeur, SALUT!!