My cousin Ablan was talking to a good friend of ours (Cosi), about all the opportunities that were offered to minorities in America. He said minority in general, but we all sort of knew he meant black people in particular.  Cosi complained that there was some new study demonstrating that black people were no more in minority (I haven’t researched this study; I wasn’t heading that route). Cosi hated being classified as minority. He thought it was more diminishing than anything else. He wanted to be given the same opportunities as the others (white); compete on the same level and not be privileged because of the color of his skin. Hun! I got a little confused by his speech on equality here.  I did wish we had an African American friend taking part of this conversation, just to get some more perspective. It seemed to me that “Minorities” have enjoyed those opportunities offered under the “Minority” umbrella.  What was painful to Cosi here? Was it just the word Minority? Did it just make him feel less of a person? So then what would you call a group of white people in a whole black community?  Let’s pause for a minute here:  Let’s not combine emotions and perspectives; let’s just shift our perspectives around, turn on our pragmatism and be realistic!

Minority in America is basically anything that is not white. Realistically, being White gives you an advantage. But in the America of Today, being anything else than white, smart and well educated also gives you an advantage. Isn’t that all there is to it?